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Statistical analysis and Prospect Analysis of tungsten production in China

Tungsten is a kind of nonferrous metal. Metals are usually divided into two categories according to the color and nature of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals mainly refer to iron, manganese, chromium and their alloys, such as steel, pig iron, iron alloy, cast iron and so on. Metals other than ferrous metals are called nonferrous metals. Tungsten belongs to the category of nonferrous metals. The strength and hardness of colored alloys are generally higher than those of pure metals. The resistance is larger than that of pure metals, and the resistance temperature coefficient is small, which has good comprehensive mechanical properties. Therefore, as a non-ferrous metal, tungsten has a very high strength and hardness. Due to this characteristic, tungsten carbide with high hardness and high wear resistance has been widely used in cutting tools and mining tools.
Tungsten products can be divided into tungsten ore, tungstate, tungsten powder, pure tungsten products, tungsten alloy, carbide and other derivative products of tungsten.
The evaluation report "2017-2022 China tungsten products supply and demand investigation and investment potential of Booz data released", China is the largest tungsten production country in the world. The output of tungsten ore increased from 41 thousand and 100 tons of metal in 2006 to 68 thousand tons in 2013; in 2015 it was 71 thousand tons; the amount of metal was basically the same as in 2014. At the same time, since China's development since the main mining is tungsten wolframite, with wolframite long-term exploitation, the quality of wolframite resources is nearly exhausted, China and wolframite Scheelite Concentrate yield than 7:3 before 2007 dropped to about 6:4 in 2011, Scheelite Resources has become the replacement resources.
At present, China's Tungsten processing technology, equipment level and independent innovation capability compared with foreign advanced level there is still a big gap. At present, China's Tungsten processing industry is in a critical period of industrial adjustment, product upgrading, enterprise restructuring and resource integration. But the market demand is exuberant, the future development tendency is the processing product will develop to the high-end. Due to the scarcity of resources of world tungsten and its special strategic significance, the developed countries will be listed as important strategic metal of tungsten, undoubtedly, the world competition for strategic resources of tungsten and deep processing of the field will become increasingly fierce.
China produces more than 80% of the world's tungsten products each year, of which nearly half of the products are exported in the form of low value-added primary products (tungsten concentrates and APT). In 1998 the country began to implement export quota management, to control the export of tungsten products; in addition, the use of export tax management of primary tungsten products to raise export taxes, improve the export tax rebate mode of downstream products, leading the industry to extend to the deep processing of products with high added value.
At present, China's tungsten industry is in the critical period of industrial adjustment, product upgrading, enterprise restructuring and resource integration. Economic benefits improved significantly. Since 2004, China tungsten industry has gone out of the trough for many years, got rid of the difficult position, realized the historical leap, the overall economic efficiency has remarkably improved, and the technology and equipment level has been remarkably improved. A group of investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in technological renovation and expansion, new projects have been completed and put into operation, the emergence of a number of new tungsten processing enterprises; implementation of technological innovation through the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, spray drying, gas pressure sintering equipment to achieve a localization; significant progress has been made, the gas pressure sintering technology and new materials research and development and other hard alloy forming, some of which have already been in the leading level in the world; the product development speed, the enterprise independent innovation ability has been enhanced, hard alloy technology and equipment level and product quality were improved, economic strength and international competitiveness has been enhanced.

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