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Ukraine has cultivated the world's largest sample of tungsten and molybdenum monocrystals

Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Barton issued a message that its researchers developed a special-shaped monoplast crystal technology to cultivate the world's largest size of tungsten and molybdenum single crystal samples. These single crystals are used for large-size single-crystal rolling and parts production and can be used in spacecraft power units as a heavy-duty laser mirror.
      The research institute adopts the plasma induction heating to culture large-size single crystal, and cultivates 20 × 160 × 170mm large-sized tungsten-molybdenum monocrystalline lamellae. The structure is perfect, which is the best sample of single crystal of electron beam melting zone.
      The technology can be used not only for the cultivation of large-size single-crystal flakes, large-diameter single crystal rods, but also for the cultivation of large-size single-crystal and single-crystal tube. Flexible control of two heat source power to improve the formation and transformation of single crystal structure has a positive effect. The purity of the single crystal depends only on the purity of the feedstock. At present, the pilot test equipment can be about 500 kilograms per year of single crystal tungsten or 1000 kilograms of single crystal molybdenum. At present, the study produced large-size tungsten single crystal sheet sold to the United States.
      The technology is suitable for melting and purifying refractory metals and alloys, which can reduce the energy consumption compared with the use of a heat source. 25%.
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