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Innovative design leads China to create

 《Made in China 2025》clear the goal of China's construction and manufacturing power.To achieve this goal, we must attach great importance to innovative design.Good design can not only enhance the quality of products and services to enhance the green level of intelligence, win the market competitive advantage; can also create new demand, new formats, new markets, and even lead to the industrial revolution.Therefore, innovative design is the guide and key link to lead China's creation. Under the new situation, we should deeply understand the value of innovative design, and continuously enhance the ability of innovative design. To strengthen creative design, we should begin with the concept, environment, foundation, education, culture and so on..
  Update design concept. To fully understand the leading role of the innovative design of products, technology, management, service, innovative design as the key to accelerate transformation from tracking imitation to independent innovation, as an important starting point for the construction of the world science and technology, the world manufacturing power. In the new development concept as a guide, grasp the network design in the age of new features -- green low-carbon, intelligent network, open integration, create a shared, guide Chinese design of the world and the future, to high-quality, towards the end. Respect for design rules, grasp the elements of innovation design ability, emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, and accelerate the realization of "made in China" to create a leap in china.
  Optimal design environment. On the basis of innovative design being included in "made in China 2025", a platform for the development of manufacturing innovation design was formulated to further clarify its development goals, major initiatives and road maps. Improve policies and regulations, environmental protection, the implementation of the first set of first batch of innovative design tax relief products. Strengthen law enforcement supervision, effectively protect intellectual property rights, and provide effective legal protection for innovative design. Guided by the market, we should reform and innovate the resource allocation mechanism, the equity sharing system and the design evaluation system. We should give full play to the guidance and promotion role of the specialized organizations such as the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and the Design Association, and optimize the innovative environment with enterprises as the main body, synergy between production and research, and the deep integration of the army and the people.
  Strengthening design foundation. Continued to increase investment in basic research and cutting-edge research for independent innovation and technology to reinforce the knowledge base and at the same time, the state, local governments and enterprises should strengthen the innovative design of the investment, the establishment of innovation design fund, to increase innovation and entrepreneurship support design. Focus on training the introduction of design talents, focusing on improving the quality of talents, and strengthening the basis of innovative design talents. The construction of a number of national, regional, industry innovation and Design Institute, design innovation park, for small and medium sized enterprises technology innovation service center, to strengthen the market oriented innovation design based on technical support system and industrial cluster platform. Actively participate in the formulation and adoption of international advanced industrial standards, and accelerate the upgrading of China's design quality, safety level, green and international level.
  Reform design education. Idea originality is the soul of creative design. The primary task of design education is to guide students to establish advanced concepts and scientific values, foster innovation, entrepreneurship and craftsman spirit. In design education, cultivate interest and confidence of students, create stimulate their imagination and creativity, is far more important than knowledge; to guide students to understand the new trends, seeking new knowledge and create new technologies, new dreams, than to teach specific design skills is more important. Innovative design originates from practice and is derived from the understanding and Prospect of market and social needs. This requires design theory education and design case study analysis, innovative design practice closely. The innovative design of the network era need to design personnel to carry out a comprehensive application of science and technology, economy and society, the arts and humanities, ecological environment and other new knowledge, designers need to understand the mathematical methods and computing ability of big data. This requires that people who are good at cross-border integration should be trained to build a shared design platform network. To a greater extent, innovative design requires a global vision and a combination of internationally advanced design concepts, knowledge, technology, and culture. As a result, design education requires the use of innovative global design resources to create an international educational environment.
  Cultivate design culture. Design culture determines the quality and character of creative design. In the process of industrialization and modernization, developed countries have formed a distinctive design culture. The United States respects and encourages free exploration, innovation and creation, and forms a design culture guided by innovation. Germany is a manufacturing powerhouse later, rely on the rich characteristics of natural science and engineering technology, advanced industrial standard and occupation education in the global market competition, the formation of the design culture of honesty. The literature and art of France and Italy are profound and pregnant with elegant and splendid design culture. Japan's national conditions and traditions make it a fine and practical design culture. To lead China's creation with innovative design, it is necessary to cultivate advanced design culture with Chinese characteristics, meeting the requirements of the times, respecting innovation, creating and pursuing excellence, keeping faith in cooperation, advocating and sharing.

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