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Technological Revolution:Tailings utilization is no longer low-end industry

  As we say tailings utilization,market consumers are most skeptical,they think even if the products is perfect,
its raw materials are also trash.Even some people in the industry believe that the use of tailings is because

environmental protection requiements are getting higter and higher,is the last ditch behavior.In their

subconscious,tailings utilization is a passive behavior,practical significance is meaningless.Then,what is the

actual situation of utilization of tailings?
  Tailings utilization industry agglomeration of high and new technology
  The expert introduce that,early tailings production is only to produce ome urban tiles,is simple process, low

value-added products and limited sales radius,whether it is industry or public opinion oriented,this is only the

initial stage of tailings utilization.

   With the development and utilization of tailings, we used tailings in more fields, the tailings sand except for

making city tiles, also can be used in the production of glass ceramics, building ceramics, cement, stone products,

glass products, fertilizer, lime sand brick, brick, artificial stone, craft art ceramics, ceramics for daily use of

raw materials, concrete among them, the use of tailings production of glass ceramics industry has become a bright

industry highlights.
  For example, microcrystalline glass, also known as microcrystalline jade, from the "microcrystalline jade"

nickname can be seen that its high performance texture, focusing on glass, ceramics and natural stone those three

advantages.Ordinary glass due to internal atomic arrangement has no rules and fragile glass ceramics is like

ceramics, consists of crystals, the atoms are arranged regularly, and more toughness than glass, ceramic than

higher brightness, and the performance is better than natural stone, except for the construction of the curtain

wall and room luxury decoration, also made into machinery the structure of materials, electronic and electrical

insulating materials, large scale integrated circuit board materials, microwave oven heat crack ware, chemical

engineering and anticorrosion materials and mines wear-resistant materials, is a new type of material has broad

development prospect in twenty-first Century.
  For a long time, tailings sand has been the waste of mine production, and because of the dam break caused by

tailings dam, the treatment of tailings has become a thorny problem for many mining enterprises.But researchers in

the field of capturing high-performance glass ceramics do not deem so, because the tailings are mostly made of

microcrystalline glass materials, just like broken glass is waste, and a piece of complete glass is the product.
  As more and more technologies are being conquered, tailings sand is becoming more and more a raw material. Many

scientific research institutions in China have long started the in-depth study of tailings sand making glass

ceramics, through computer testing to determine the chemical composition of mine tailings, and then optimize the

product performance by adding chemical elements. Using tailings sand not only greatly reduces production costs, but

also makes the products better.In this process, with more and more high-tech enterprises, continuous breakthroughs

in technology, glass ceramics tailings produced has achieved a qualitative leap, performance beyond the traditional

architectural decoration materials, production of glass ceramics has been non low-end industry use of tailings, but

embodies the high-tech more.

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