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The cost of raw materials rose, for prices rose expand

 Opening this week, the domestic market continued last week by tungsten city, especially for raw materials rose, cost pressures began to market feedback, prices are constantly expanding, has been basically a firm 135 thousand yuan / ton, to 140 thousand yuan / ton forward.
  Tungsten concentrate market, supply shortage, the situation is not changed. Environmental supervision will continue in the second half, and there may be overweight, and demand in the off-season after the rebound may be, therefore, it is expected that the outlook will continue to be strong tungsten ore price trend. Up to now, the price of 65% wolframite concentrates has reached 90 thousand yuan / ton pass.
  China Tungsten Industry Association pointed out that this year the supply and demand contradiction of tungsten market in the first half of the economic situation has improved, the industry continues to improve, but a reasonable level of tungsten concentrate prices has not yet rebounded to the cost of mining, the tungsten mines loss is still serious. From this point of view, the short-term internal demand is still weak, miners continue to seize the supply side of the good, very likely to price operations, it is expected that the future price of tungsten products will continue to borrow material costs upward trend.
  In August, a new round of institutions and large enterprises of tungsten price guide will have been released, on the current market, guide price increases the probability of a larger, but to reduce businesses unreasonable speculation, to ensure the healthy development of the industry, is expected to guide the price or limited, a slight discrepancy between the market price.
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