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China's mining rights transfer approach ushered in major reforms

Learned from the Provincial Department of the office of the State Office recently issued the "mining rights transfer system reform scheme". In accordance with the "program", the transfer of mining rights will be tender, auction, listing based approach to comprehensively promote the transfer of mining rights competition, strict restrictions on the transfer of mining rights agreement. This means that the transfer of mining rights in China ushered in major reforms.
It is understood that the reform first, in 2017 6 in Hubei Province, Guizhou (District) launched the pilot work; in 2018 to continue the pilot, based on summing up the experience of the introduction and amending the relevant normative documents; based on the summary of the pilot assessment on 2019 in the country to promote the implementation of.
According to the introduction, "reform plan" put forward the 5 aspects focus on comprehensively promote the mining rights transfer, strictly limit competition agreement transferring, reform, innovation of mining right transfer income management mechanism of economic regulation, delegated approval authority, to ensure that the "put it down and then maintained, tube well built", "competition transfer of compensation for the use of more comprehensive, more perfect, more reasonable division of powers, transfer system of supervision services more in place of the mining right.
The reform in decentralization approval authority, strengthen supervision services on the greater strength. The "program" provisions, the Ministry of land and resources continue to be responsible for the oil, hydrocarbon gas, shale gas, radioactive minerals, tungsten, rare earth 6 kinds of mineral prospecting and mining rights approval, responsible for the reserves of 10 tons of coal resources and reserves of large scale above the coal seam gas, gold, iron, copper, aluminum, tin, antimony, molybdenum, phosphorus and potassium in 11 kinds of mineral mining rights approval, other reasons for the Ministry for approval to the provincial land and resources department.
Our province is phosphate, iron ore, copper ore resource rich region, or shale gas resource rich provinces, has certain representativeness in the geographical distribution, the enthusiasm with the Hubei land and resources department in charge of undertaking reform task is very high, so is the Ministry of land and resources for the selection of pilot.
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