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In the first quarter of 2017, Kenna metal global cutting tools sold about $336 million

According to cutting technology network industry research department, Kenna metal has announced their 2017 quarter of fiscal year third (the first quarter of 2017 calendar year) quarterly reports. Kenna metal orders totaled $529 million, an increase of 6.2% over the same period last year's $498 million; operating income was $58 million, an increase of 114.8% compared to $27 million in the same period last year. Orders totaled $1 billion 493 million in the first 3 quarters of fiscal 2017.
In the general order of Kenna metal in North America, $246 million (total orders 46.5%), Western Europe orders of $129 million (total order 24.4%), the rest orders of about $154 million (total orders 29.1%). Associated with the tool, the original Kenna brand sales of approximately $289 million (accounting for 54.6% of total orders), WDI brand for $46 million (total orders 8.7%). As a result, the total sales associated with the tool were $336 million (63.5% of the total order). The 3 quarter of fiscal year 2017, the original Kenna brand sales of approximately $826 million, Weidiya brand for $130 million, total sales of $956 million and related tools.

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