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China Minmetals network structure cemented carbide complete sets of technologies to enhance China's Cemented Carbide international competitiveness

The China Minmetals Corporation of Zhuzhou cemented carbide Group Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "hard line group") to carry out research in network structure of cemented carbide in China, through the Central South University joint technical research, successfully developed a complete technology of hard alloy mesh structure, through the identification of science and Technology Department of Hunan province has reached the international advanced level, has changed over the past twenty years China's cemented carbide products overall strengthening technology of the slow development of the unfavorable situation, provide a new technology for improving product quality and high-end traditional hard alloy hard alloy product development.
The research and application of cemented carbide is of great significance to support the construction of major national projects, to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and to build new advantages in the international competition of China's manufacturing industry. At present, China's conventional carbide products are difficult to meet the requirements of advanced tunneling technology and service environment changes, which seriously restricts the development of major projects and related downstream industries.
The hard line group is focusing on the industrial application of technology of hard alloy mesh structure, realize the large-scale industrial production in the world, established the world's first and only an annual output of 200 tons of alloy mesh production line, developed with better toughness and wear resistance, drilling of new materials, products show in Australia Brazil, and domestic large mines, oil field test, the service life of more than the level of foreign advanced products, especially in iron ore, quartz rock, high hardness, density of rock, the service life of the product than the foreign high-end products increased more than 1 times.
At present, the hard line group network structure of hard alloy has a total production of 850 tons, more than 90% related technology products directly or assembled into a tool to enter the international market, the output value reached 400 million yuan, driven by the industrial added value reached 2 billion yuan, which can significantly enhance the international competitiveness of China's cemented carbide products and supporting tools, greatly improved my in the international image of rock drilling tools.
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