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Tungsten market stalemate in June

The tide of environmental protection supervision has passed, and the tungsten mine construction situation has been steadily stable. Subject to the price below the cost of factors considered, but did not start the small mines, and now basically still in production, tungsten concentrate supply growth is minimal. Look at the stock. Traders hand inventory is generally low, the only source of supply in the current price, shipment interest and significance is not large, so most traders hold the goods wait-and-see, waiting to reduce operations. The smelter retains more or less tungsten reserves of raw materials, of course, in the downward price and loose mouth, all people are interested in covering price lies in the price of tungsten. To 60 scheelite as an example, the smelter 7.8-7.9 yuan / ton inquiry, for traders, it is still difficult to be accepted. At present, 65% black tungsten concentrate transaction price of 8-8.2 yuan / ton, 55% black tungsten concentrate transaction price of 7.8-8 yuan / ton, the transaction is rare.
Compared with other tungsten products, the price of APT is the most stable, maintained at 126 thousand yuan / ton nearby. On the one hand, thanks to institutions and large enterprises this month's offer, without exception, stabilized at 126 thousand yuan / ton, which is the most direct signal, the most powerful support. On the other hand, more than half a month, tungsten ore prices down, but even so, APT is just out of the hang upside down, slightly small profits just, smelter difficult to accept lower prices shipped. Third, the main origin of Jiangxi started basically normal, but the sale of stock is very tight, most manufacturers still think big enterprises do generation based. Above, so that the price of APT to strengthen. Of course, from the demand for powder manufacturers, APT just need to actually tired.
Tungsten powder market orders are poor, the price is lack of support. At present, the mainstream market of particle tungsten carbide is 198-202 yuan / kilogram, and the mainstream of particle tungsten powder has been sold at 200-204 yuan / kilogram. Mainstream powder manufacturers have said that at present, only a small number of long-term customers, there are new orders for replenishment, and most other alloy and products factory procurement needs minimal. Not only because of the lack of orders for downstream production enterprises, but also because of the price of tungsten raw materials and postpone the new purchase plan. In fact, relatively large number of powder stock downstream enterprises are not in the minority.
In the waves of fashion in an atmosphere of the market, the business of big business operations to maintain a high degree of concern. As a result, Minmetals, Xiamen tungsten, molybdenum and other enterprises visited Ganzhou and Jiangxi acts of concern, given a variety of speculation. SMM believes that the regular business practices of enterprises need not be decomposed, and the first half of this year is coming to an end. It is reasonable to make an adjustment to the procurement mechanism in the second half of the year.
The market has entered a dull phase, but there is no such thing as a stalemate, because it conforms to the psychological expectations of most market participants. In any market, there is a rise or fall. Save energy, wait for opportunity.

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