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Tungsten market supply and demand saw tungsten products prices consolidation

Sustained and stable operation of domestic tungsten city yesterday, effect of fundamentals, holding the goods sell, buyers cautious operation, sellers stalemate game, the market bearish atmosphere, guide the operation of the main tungsten price consolidation.
Supply side, Hunan, Jiangxi and other tungsten mine origin is still affected by heavy rains, the supply continues to be tight, supporting miners price mentality, tungsten ore market outlook is optimistic, the shipment price is in the exploration phase. The raw material price, conduction costs, pressure to the downstream smelting enterprises, low-cost raw materials difficult to produce, exacerbated by the risk of upside down production, APT manufacturers are also constantly adjust the bid slightly.
The demand side, the environmental impact of the policy, the downstream smelting and chemical factory operating rate is relatively limited, and the terminal consumption off-season, the market order quantity is less, in this context, the smelter is also relatively weak demand for the procurement of raw materials of tungsten concentrate, affect the market operation of low activity many enquiries.
Overall, the supply and demand of domestic tungsten market both tug of war is the main factor affecting the current price changes, the market outlook tungsten price to the need to study the national policies on environmental protection to control the degree, and the large tungsten enterprises operating guide.
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