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Tungsten prices remain deadlocked

The off-season demand poor background, domestic tungsten city production cost support also weakened, the superposition part of this week a new round of large-scale tungsten prices have reduced the price of a long single, bearish market sentiment increased, but due to cost pressures, tungsten products prices decline, the overall performance of the stalemate.
Tungsten ore market demand continues to slump, the inquiry is rare, traders are more wait-and-see attitude. Although the environmental protection inspection after the withdrawal of part of the mine production signs, but output is time, the incremental market supply is not obvious, so the price of tungsten concentrates the weak performance of transient stability.
The powder and alloy market, due to the price of the goods to the merchant of tungsten concentrate resentment, and take the goods selling its new orders less for the procurement of raw materials, smelting enterprises and the enthusiasm of the inquiry is poor, negative factors superimposed tungsten enterprises long single prices, market outlook is still weak mentality.
On the whole, affected by the weak end of the raw material atmosphere, the market terminal consumption and demand is relatively slow, both supply and demand operations are more cautious, bearish mentality is still obvious. Near the end of the month, emerging funds face tightening trend, price competition between manufacturers or will exacerbate the market, beware of cheap shipping phenomenon.
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